OA Article Identification Tool (Collab GATE)

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About the Service

Collab Gate helps you check open access articles on website.

  • OA 유형 자동인식
    Automatic Recognition of OA Articles Collab GATE automatically recognizes articles on the website.
  • Collecting Articles Collab Gate helps you access and download OA articles by clicking AccessON icon.
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Main Features

When you access the article or the source you want as a reference with Collab Gate on, an icon will appear in the upper left corner of your browser in one of the colors below, depending on the open access type of the article.


OA Type

  •   Gold  :  Articles published in open access journals
  •   Green  :  Freely accessible published, post-prints or pre-prints self-archived in open repositories by authors
  •   Bronze  :  Articles made accessible by publishers/academic groups, etc temporarily during a special promotion period or after the embargo period
  •   Free  :  Free Access. Articles freely accessible on free open websites the publishers/academic groups, etc approve of.
  •   Gray  :  a paper published in a paid academic journal and available at a subscription fee.
  •  ※ Articles published as OA but withdrawn are identified as Gray.

How to Use

You can download Collab Gate on Chrome Web Store.