Basic Search Page

If you click “Discover”, you can see Korean authors’ articles that have been most recently published.

기본 검색 화면

Basic Search

AccessON Basic Search allows you to search articles by just entering a title, abstract, author’s name and simple keywords.


Advanced Search

You can select a filter (article title, journal title), enter search terms and find the specific content you’re looking for.
You can add up to 10 search filters.
  • AND  :  Search content that contains all of the search terms.
  • OR  :  Search content that contains at least one of the search terms.
  • NOT  :  Search content excluding the content that contains the search terms.

Search Results

There are filters that show types of contents, which help you to find the articles you want to access more quickly.
You can select filters in the left and narrown down search results.


Main Features

  • 1Filters :
    You can refine the search results for the following types.
    • Indexed DB (SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI, SCOPUS, KCI, KCI Candidates for registration)
    • Korean author (Y, N)
    • Article type (Article, Pre-print)
    • Publication year
    • Journal title
    • Subjects
  • 2Sort :
    You can sort search results relevance, citation counts, article titles, journal titles, and publication date in ascending or descending order.
  • 3Download :
    You can download metadata of search results in an Excel file.

    File downloads can be limited depending on the performance of the search system. We recommend you to use the filters to narrown down the search results to less than 10,000 items.

  • 4PDF Download :
    You can download full texts of articles in a PDF file.
    If an aritlce doesn’t have a PDF version, you will be linked to the landing page that provides the full text.
  • 5ORCID Link :
    If an author has ORCID, you can click the ORCID link and check detailed information about the author.
  • 6Similar articles in AccessON :
    You can check articles in AccessON that are recommended you by analyzing keyword similarity.

    Similar articles in AccessON can be checked in the lower area of the article detail view screen.